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Program with links to Presentations or Abstracts

Keynote Presentations 
Evolution, survival, revolution and growth: An everyday story of terminology folkPresentation
Improving the health care system with eHealth – the Swedish casePresentation
Resources to Support Implementers 
Documentation and Resources to Support SNOMED CT ImplementationPresentation
Review of training and other related materials for the Implementation of SNOMED CTPresentation
Practical Use Cases 
A UMLS and SNOMED CT-encoded differential diagnosis time-series knowledge base for self-administered patient interviewsIhtsdo_Showcase2012_3A4_AUmlsAndSnomedCt_encodedDifferentialDiag.docx
Implementation of SNOMED CT in Quality MeasuresPresentation
Strategies to Improve Problem List Management within Clinical EHR WorkflowPresentation
European Projects 
epSOS make sense of Cross border Health careIhtsdo_Showcase2012_2A1_epSosMakeSenseOfCrossBorderHealthCare.docx
SNOMED CT mapping in the epSOS projectIhtsdo_Showcase2012_2A3_SnomedCtMappingInTheEpSosProject.docx
Semantic Interoperability for Health Network (SemanticHealthNet)


Clinical Specialties 
A SNOMED CT linked diagnosis coding scheme for European Renal MedicinePresentation
SNOMED CT in Anatomic PathologyPresentation
Laboratory Medicine 
Meeting terminology requirements for order entry and result reportingPresentation
UK National Laboratory Medicine CataloguePresentation
Canadian Experience Supporting the Implementation of SNOMED CT for the Reporting of Microbiology Laboratory Result ValuesPresentation
Browsers and Searching 
Searching SNOMED CTIhtsdo_Showcase2012_6A1_SearchingSnomedCt.docx
Terminology ExplorerPresentation
Terminology Services 
SNOMED CT and Common Terminology Services (CTS2)Ihtsdo_Showcase2012_7B1_CommonTerminologyServices_Cts2.docx  
Our experience developing a terminology serverPresentation
Data Entry 
Using SNOMED CT to code free text in the clinical interfaceIhtsdo_Showcase2012_6A2_UsingSnomedCtToCodeFreeTextInTheClinical.docx
Freedom of Clinical Expression versus Record Standardization - Having Your Cake and Eating ItPresentation
EHR Design 
An integrated Expression Repository EHR systemPresentation
Terminology Binding 
The Logical Model Designer - Binding Information Models to TerminologyPresentation
Implementing post-coordinated SNOMED CT bindings using an interface terminology in clinical data capture formsPresentation
Retrieval and Queries 
Semantic QueryAbstract
Leveraging SNOMED CT in Healthcare AnalyticsPresentation
Decision Support 
Clinical Decision Support Using openEHR Archetypes and SNOMED CTPresentation
Development of a SNOMED CT based, national, centralized medication decision support systemPresentation
Planning for adoption of SNOMED CT in a Health Information ExchangePresentation
Mapping to Classifications 
How the SNOMED CT to ICD-10 Map facilitated the map to a national extension of ICD-10



Transitioning from an IHTSDO SNOMED CT to ICD-10 Mapping Project to the IHTSDO Mapping ServicePresentation
Progress report on the IHTSDO/Wonca Family/General Practice Refset and ICPC-2 mapping projectPresentation
Data Migration 
Mapping Legacy Terms to SNOMED CT - Challenges and Lessons LearnedPresentation
Mapping legacy termsets to SNOMED CT: Experiences and outcomes, tools and guidanceIhtsdo_Showcase2012_4B3_MappingLegacyTermsetsToSnomedCt_Experien.docx
Migrating post-coordinated SNOMED CT between systems: a case study converting a GE electronic health record to EpicPresentation
IHTSDO support for translationPresentation
Content Development 
IHTSDO Content Development process - moving forwardsIhtsdo_Showcase2012_ContentChangeManagement.pdf
Description Logic 
Semantic AnnotationsPresentation
Negation, Disjunction and Union Set Enhancement for the IHTSDO WorkbenchIhtsdo_Showcase2012_8B2_Negation_DisjunctionAndUnionSetEnhanceme.docx
Extension Management 
Using Snow Owl to Maintain Singapore's SNOMED CT Extension and Drug DictionaryPresentation
Integrating SNOMED CT-AU and the Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT)Presentation
Reference Sets 
Canadian Experience Developing Primary Care Reference SetsPresentation
IHTSDO Quality Framework - sharing of practice across the communityPresentation


















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