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April 17th 2024


Password: Fcu=^Rv3

(Please not that there were connection problems during the meeting) 


Discussion items

109:00-09:15: Welcome


09:15-09:50 Medical Latin descriptions

National translation guidelines regarding latin/greek, hybrid and national language in different hierarchies.
309:50-10:30: Re-using existing translations: Medical Latin and other languagesStatus of Project: Medical Latin descriptions

There is a need of describing the different user cases.

Alternative A and B may requiere resources for development and maintainance. 

A (new) alternative C would be a spread sheet created automatically by comparing text strings in descriptions in different languages: If the same term appears in two or more langauges it might be a Latin term or an English loan word. 

Ole Våge will describe user cases in collaboration with TUG members.

10:30-11:00: BREAK


11:00-11:15: Additional training material for translation

Status of: Difficult cases in translation
511:15-11.30: Translators needs: Searchability of the SNOMED CT browser and other functionalitiesShould it be possible to search strings within compound words? Are there other needs?


Ole Våge will submit a ticket to Snomed regarding searchability of text strings within a term.

[MSSP-2798] Improvement requested in browser for truncated search - SNOMED International JIRA (

611:30-11:45: Governance of translation and language reference sets: What are the experiences from different countries regarding central or distributed governance?

If there are several langauge reference sets in a country: How are these best governed? At the NRC or distributed among the users? What are the pros and cons? In Norway, we are discussing this topic now.


11:45-12:00: Clean-up of our internal website

What do we need in Translation User Group internal page?


Ole Våge will propose deletion of pages in future meeting. We´ll keep important docuements in an archive.


12:00-12:30: Overlap beteween TUG and

Common French Translation Project Group

Sharing of experiences: TUG, Common French and Common German Translation User Group

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