Please use the link below to access our Nursing CRG document. There we will gather our comments and clarifications for review and discussion on the next Nursing CRG call December 13th at 2000 UTC.  


  1. The first book "requested action" gives information on the type of clarifications SNOMED International is requesting.
  2. The second book "NCRG feedback" is the list of the concepts and information provided by SNOMED International in columns A-C. These columns are not to changed or moved.  Columns D-J are where your individual Feedback will be entered. 
  3. Feel free to rename and add more feedback columns. For example Feedback 1 can be your own name, organization, or country. 

Nursing CRG "at risk" gathered responses.

We look forward to our next call!

Christine and Erica 

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  1. Hello everyone.

    There is a doubt about the proposed procedure.

    There are a number of concepts that have descendants and those in turn have others.

    The inactivate action would affect all descendants.

    What do we do with those concepts?

    I am attaching an excel table, on the second sheet you will find those relationships by columns.

    I think that the task of modifying is a good idea, but that of inactivating must be valued.

  2. Hi Francisco Jose Rodriguez Alcazar Where a concept is inactivated any subtypes are given a new parent or parents as required. Given the at risk content (not in this list) is being defined, the classifier will determine the correct supertype/s. Regards, Cathy

  3. Hi everyone. I send you for this channel definitions about the job.

    00002Insufficient nutrient intake to meet metabolic needs.
    00004Susceptible to suffer an invasion and multiplication of pathogenic organisms
    00015Susceptible to infrequent or difficult evacuation of feces, which can compromise health.
    00059State in which the person experiences a change in sexual function during the s-response phases.
    00065Expressions of concern about one's own sexuality.
    00067Susceptible to experience a state of suffering related to the deterioration of the ability to integrate the sense
    00204Decreased peripheral blood circulation, which can compromise health.
    00206Susceptible to decrease in blood volume, which can compromise health.
    00209Susceptibility to a disturbance of the maternal/fetal symbiotic relationship as a result of comorbidity
    00220Susceptible to skin and mucous membrane damage from extreme temperatures, which
    00227Likely to be unable to prepare for or maintain a healthy pregnancy and delivery process, as well
    00234Susceptible to accumulate excessive fat for age and sex, which can compromise health.
    00236Susceptible to infrequent or difficult evacuation of feces, maintained for three months in a year
    00256Sensory and emotional experience, ranging from pleasant to unpleasant, associated with childbirth and the child
    00266Susceptible to invasion of surgical wound pathogenic organisms

    See you soon!!!

  4. Buenos días. Si no puedo participar me lo decís y no hay problemas. Deduzco que estáis mapeando NANDA desde SNOMED, Esos diagnósticos que mostráis (solo código NANDA y descripción) ¿Van a desaparecer o no se van a tener en cuenta en SNOMED?.

    1. Hello Juan

      This task is not for mapping. It is for analyzing concepts in SNOMED CT. These NANDA codes and definitions are a homework aid.

      On the other hand, every three years NANDA reviews the nursing diagnosis. That review was last year.

      If you need more information, I am happy to share with you.

  5. Hi Juan Soto Delgado , This work item is related to some "at risk" finding concepts in SNOMED CT where the meaning isn't clear. We are seeking input from the Nursing CRG. Further information is available:At Risk Content - Input on Meaning of Concepts. Regards, Cathy