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Nursing speciality

Hi Nursing CRG members,

Just a reminder on the question about the nursing speciality 'Maternal and obstetric nursing' that's been requested for addition to the International Edition in the Qualifier value hierarchy.  We are looking to determine if it is recognised internationally. Please add your comments: Clinical Nursing Speciality - International Recognition

Thank you,

Cathy Richardson


Please use the link below to access our Nursing CRG document. There we will gather our comments and clarifications for review and discussion on the next Nursing CRG call December 13th at 2000 UTC.  


  1. The first book "requested action" gives information on the type of clarifications SNOMED International is requesting.
  2. The second book "NCRG feedback" is the list of the concepts and information provided by SNOMED International in columns A-C. These columns are not to changed or moved.  Columns D-J are where your individual Feedback will be entered. 
  3. Feel free to rename and add more feedback columns. For example Feedback 1 can be your own name, organization, or country. 

Nursing CRG "at risk" gathered responses.

We look forward to our next call!

Christine and Erica 


The next Nursing Clinical Reference Group meeting is today/tonight Tuesday November 8th 2022 @ 2000 UTC. The agenda is posted and new discussion topics are always welcome. Be sure to see the terminology consultation posts regarding At Risk Content - Input on Meaning of Concepts and Clinical Nursing Speciality - International Recognition. We look forward to everyone's input and to further the discussion as a group. 

Use Zoom Link below : and Password - 871141

See you all soon! 

Christine and Erica