Thanks for attending our hybrid Nursing Clinical Reference Group Business meeting on September 27th 2022!  

A special thanks goes to Stephanie Hartleben RN-BC, MSN, MHA, for presenting about Standardizing Nursing Documentation for Interoperability Using Knowledge Modeling and Clinical Reference Terminologies and Dr. James Case, Head of Terminology at SNOMED International for presenting the Editorial Advisory Group's solution for “At risk” concepts in SNOMED CT. We looking forward to hearing more from University of Minnesota Nursing Big Data and supporting future work with “At risk” concepts in SNOMED CT.

If you missed the meeting, check out the recording posted on the meeting's agenda page. Let’s keep that energy going and continue building an atmosphere for discussion and knowledge sharing!

Hope to see you all on our next call, November 8th 2022 at 20:00 UTC.

Christine and Erica

The view from our Nursing CRG meeting location in Lisbon (smile) 

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