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How do you translate body parts ending with 'proper'? For example, how do you make the distinction in the translation of 818999009 | Structure of blood vessel of abdomen (body structure) | and 787123006 | Structure of blood vessel of abdomen proper (body structure) |

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  1. Ouch, I never saw this discussion before and it was created in 2020... I know we really struggled with this as well and failed to find a single solution. Some we translated to a Latin term which includes the word 'propria'; in some cases we were able to distinguish between the 'proper' structure and its broader parent with different Dutch terms (e.g. eyeball vs eye). 

    Abdomen cavity proper we translated to 'cavitas abdominalis', and abdominopelvic cavity to 'abdominopelviene holte'. I don't think there is a 'abdomen cavity' in SNOMED - that helps.