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1.) Get maintenance window on prod-mapping-release. Take server down 
2.) cd /opt/mapping-service-admin/admin/remover 
3.) mvn install -PTerminology -Drun.config=/opt/mapping-service/conf/ -Dterminology=SNOMEDCT -Dversion=latest
4.) cd /opt/mapping-service-admin/admin/loader
5.) mvn install -PRF2-snapshot -Drun.config=/opt/mapping-service/conf/ -Dterminology=SNOMEDCT -Dinput.dir=/home/ihstdo/data/xSnomedCT_InternationalRF2_ALPHA_20170731T120000Z/Snapshot


perl -ne '@_=split/\t/; print if $_[4] eq "447562003"' $file > /tmp/x.txt
mvn install -PMapRecords -Drun.config=/opt/mapping-service/conf/ -Dinput.file=/tmp/x.txt -Dmember.flag=true -Drecord.flag=false

8a.) Bring server back up.

9.) rerun compute workflow, begin, and process release steps (these steps happen through the UI)

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