Information on the ICD10 mapping project.

  • ModuleId: 449080006              
  • RefsetId: 447562003

Helpful Admin Commands


cd /opt/mapping-service-admin/admin/remover
// DO NOT DO THIS mvn install -PMapRecords -D$rc -Drefset.id=447562003
mvn install -PTerminology -D$rc -Dterminology=ICD10 -Dversion=2016

Load Previous version RF2

in DB, first remove complex map refset members
DELETE from complex_map_refset_members where refsetId = 447562003; 
Note: (this should also be able to be run with this: 

Get maintenance window

cd /opt/mapping-service-admin/admin/remover  
mvn install -PMapMembers -D$rc -Drefset.id=447562003)
cd /opt/mapping-service-admin/admin/loader
set file = /home/ihtsdo/data/doc/release/20170131/icd10/der2_iisssccRefset_ExtendedMapSnapshot_INT_20170131.txt
perl -ne '@_=split/\t/; print if $_[4] eq "447562003"' $file > /tmp/x.txt
mvn install -PMapRecords -D$rc -Dinput.file=/tmp/x.txt -Dmember.flag=true -Drecord.flag=false

To validate:

select count(*) from complex_map_refset_members a, map_projects b where a.refsetId = b.refSetId and mapProjectId = $mapProjectId and 
a.terminology = b.sourceTerminology and a.terminologyVersion = b.sourceTerminologyVersion;


cd /opt/mapping-service-admin/admin/loader
mvn install -PComputeWorkflow -D$rc -Drefset.id=447562003


cd /opt/mapping-service-admin/admin/release
mvn install -PBeginRelease -D$rc -Drefset.id=447562003 -Dtest.mode.flag=true
mvn install -PRelease -D$rc -Drefset.id=447562003 -Doutput.dir=. -Dtime=20170731 -Dmodule.id=449080006 -Dtest.mode.flag=true
mvn install -PFinishRelease -D$rc -Drefset.id=447562003 (This process currently takes 36 hours. 26 of these hours is in loading the refset members at the end.)
mvn install -PBeginEditingCycle -D$rc -Drefset.id=447562003

Release with Alpha/Beta Iteration

1.) Get maintenance window on prod-mapping-release. Take server down 
2.) cd /opt/mapping-service-admin/admin/remover 
3.) mvn install -PTerminology -Drun.config=/opt/mapping-service/conf/config.properties -Dterminology=SNOMEDCT -Dversion=latest
4.) cd /opt/mapping-service-admin/admin/loader
5.) mvn install -PRF2-snapshot -Drun.config=/opt/mapping-service/conf/config.properties -Dterminology=SNOMEDCT -Dinput.dir=/home/ihstdo/data/xSnomedCT_InternationalRF2_ALPHA_20170731T120000Z/Snapshot
7.) DELETE from complex_map_refset_members where refsetId = 447562003;  
8.) set file = /home/ihtsdo/data/doc/release/20170131/icd10/der2_iisssccRefset_ExtendedMapActiveSnapshot_INT_20170131.txt
perl -ne '@_=split/\t/; print if $_[4] eq "447562003"' $file > /tmp/x.txt
mvn install -PMapRecords -Drun.config=/opt/mapping-service/conf/config.properties -Dinput.file=/tmp/x.txt -Dmember.flag=true -Drecord.flag=false

8a.) Bring server back up.

9.) rerun compute workflow, begin, and process release steps (these steps happen through the UI)

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Updating Published Project

# Remove old records
cd ~/code/admin/remover
mvn install -PMapRecords -D$rc -Drefset.id=P447562003

# Add updated records
cd ~/code/admin/loader
set file = /home/ihtsdo/data/doc/release/20170131/icd10/der2_iisssccRefset_ExtendedMapActiveSnapshot_INT_20170131.txt
/bin/rm -f x.txt
perl -ne 's/447562003/P447562003/; @_=split/\t/;print if $_[4] eq "P447562003"; ' $file > x.txt
mvn install -PMapRecords -D$rc -Dinput.file=x.txt -Dmember.flag=false -Drecord.flag=true

Remove old reports

service tomcat7 stop
# set date one year ago, e.g. 20141215
set refsetId=447562003
set date = 20141215
cd ~/code/admin/remover
mvn install -PReports -Drun.config=/home/ihtsdo/config/config.properties -Drefset.id=$refsetId -Dend.date=$date >&! mvn.log
service tomcat7 start
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