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Planned Release timing

(*this is provisional only and is subject to change)

1.Body Structure

Inactivation of 6920004|Defect (morphologic abnormality)|

6920004|Defect (morphologic abnormality)|is planned for inactivation. 286 concepts currently modelled with 6920004|Defect (morphologic abnormality)| will be reviewed and remodelled; this may include inactivation and replacement.

Please see the briefing note for further details.

Q1 and Q2 2023 International Release
2.Clinical Finding

Update Hierarchy 90708001 |Kidney disease (disorder)|

As part of the Quality Initiative Project, work has commenced on 90708001 |Kidney disease (disorder)|. Work is being undertaken in stages and upcoming sub-hierarchies will be posted here as the work progresses:

  • 236423003 |Renal impairment (disorder)| -  In progress
2023 International Release and future releases
3.Clinical Finding

Primary and Metastatic Project - New Metastatic Morphologic Abnormality Concepts

Metastatic disorders will be defined by their specific metastatic neoplastic morphologic abnormality concepts, and new metastatic morphologies are being added to the international edition of SNOMED CT as needed. In cooperation with the Netherlands extension of SNOMED CT, SNOMED International will be promoting certain of their existing metastatic morphology concepts to the International release to be used to model new metastatic disorder concepts. 

Ongoing monthly commencing January 2023 International Release

Change for Clinical Drug Concepts Containing Pancreatic Enzymes

Clinical drug concepts in the International Release containing pancreatic enzymes will be modeled based on the discrete enzymes; because of variability between real clinical drugs, synonyms representing a total amount in a particular product will not be included in the International Release.

The editorial guide and existing content will be reviewed and updated accordingly in a future release.

2023 International Release and future releases

Drug Content Analysis Project (DCAP) - Addition of Anti-Infective Clinical Drug Concepts 

DCAP was launched in September 2022 to identify clinical drug concepts that are published in participating National Release Center extensions and that are eligible for promotion to the international release (supported by appropriate references to authoritative source material).

Concepts that are already published in the Norwegian drug extension have been reviewed by multiple countries participating in the group and content eligible for promotion to the international release of SNOMED CT has been identified.

Approximately 100 concepts will be promoted to the international release and corresponding concepts for Medicinal Product (MP) 'containing only', and Medicinal Product Form (MPF) 'containing only' (MP 'containing', and MPF 'containing') will be created in the international release as required.

Q2 2023 International Release
6.Qualifier Value

Planned Inactivation of Subtypes of 129284003 |Surgical action (qualifier value)|

As part of the Quality Initiative, a review has been undertaken of the 129284003 |Surgical action (qualifier value)| hierarchy which has identified:

  • 36 concepts with no usage or descendants.
  • 4 concepts with 3 or less descendants and no usage.
  • 5 concepts with low usage and less than 2 descendants with no usage.

As a result of this review, 45 concepts in the qualifier value hierarchy that are descendants of 129284003|Surgical action (qualifier value)| will be inactivated. The complete list of concepts can be accessed here.

March April 2023 International Release
7.Content Improvement

Updates to the Inactivation Reason and Historical Association for 'On Examination' and 'Complaining of' Inactive Content

Many of the 'on examination' and 'complaining of' concepts were previously inactivated with the inactivation reason of |Moved elsewhere| with a historical association value |Extension Namespace 1000000|.

This content will be updated with an inactivation reason of |Non-conformance to editorial policy| and a historical association of |Alternative| to a suitable international concept. 

Q2 2023 International Release

Update to MRCM

Extend the domain of 246454002 |Occurrence (attribute)| by including << 71388002 |Procedure (procedure)|.

The following is the expected MRCM range after the change.

246454002 |Occurrence (attribute)| << 272379006 |Event (event)| OR << 404684003 |Clinical finding (finding)| OR << 71388002 |Procedure (procedure)|

Q2 2023 International Release