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titleIn this page:

Open the SNOMED International SNOMED CT (SCT) Browser landing page and accept the SNOMED CT Browser License Agreement to continue browsing.

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Open the SCT Browser via a bookmark or link from another web page source.

On first visiting, a Notice header bar is presented noting the use of cookies. Press Learn more and customize , or follow the cookie policy link in the notice text, to get further details of the website cookie policy.

Press Accept to consent to the cookie policy. Once agreed, a cookie records the choice so that this header will no longer appear on subsequent visits. If cookies are cleared in your web browser, or you visit from a new web browser or via incognito/private browsing sessions, the cookie bar will be presented on your first session visit.

Press Reject to refuse cookie policy consent. If the policy is rejected, the Notice header bar will be presented on each subsequent new session first visit to the SCT Browser.

titleThe SCT Browser needs to use cookies for full functionality

Denying Cookie Policy consent may make related features unavailable.

On first opening the SCT Browser site, a pop-dialogue is presented with the SNOMED International SNOMED CT Browser License Agreement. Use the text box vertical scrollbar to view the full content of the agreement.

Press Accept  to clear the dialogue and view the SCT Browser landing page.

If you do not accept the License Agreement, press Reject. Your web browser will then be redirected to the SNOMED International website.

titleThe SCT Browser needs acceptance of its License Agreement to function

The pop-up dialogue is modal - either Accept or Reject must be pressed to proceed.

The SCT Browser landing page is presented, with the following content sections:

  • Introduction, aims and terms of service provision for the SCT Browser, including a note that the site is optimised for the Google Chrome web browser (it will not work with the now deprecated Internet Explorer).
  • International Editions - button links for International English and International Spanish.
  • Additional Information - button links for Release Stats and MRCM Browser.
  • Local Extensions - button links for local editions, presented in (English label) alphabetical order, and the All Editions SCT Browser.
  • Externally Hosted Extensions - button links to instances of the SCT Browser for particular editions hosted by external providers such as the United Kingdom and Spain.
  • Acknowledgement of the SNOMED International Member countries that provide their extensions for use in the SCT Browser, including links to the relevant National Release Center for further enquiries, and also a link to the SNOMED International Browser service page (current service status, API information and open source GitHub public code repositories).
  • Landing Page Footer - landing page notes for Releases, Perspectives and SNOMED International Privacy Policy cookie settings.
  • Site Footer - Copyright notice, links for User Guide and Contact Us, and SCT Browser user interface module version.
titleSite Footer

The site footer is present on all pages within the SCT Browser, for immediate access to its links and references whatever the context of its use.

You may need to scroll down the page to see the Externally Hosted Extensions section, and Landing Page Footer, and Site Footer.