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Find the Fully Specified Name (FSN) and/or Preferred Term (PT) for a concept given its SNOMED CT Identifier (SCTID).

Prerequisite steps: Browse SNOMED CT International Edition concepts

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From the SNOMED CT Browser Full perspective, Search tab context, enter the SCTID into the Search... query box. 

As shown in the example hint above the Search...  query box, for text-based interface languages, after typing 3 characters the search results will begin to dynamically respond to the entered text.

Whilst updating, the guide text "Searching..." will appear briefly below the Search...  query box until results are returned. Response time depends on the query and matching results, but typically it is within a few seconds.

Search results matching the entered number will be presented below the Search...  query box. The number of matches and response time are displayed above the results list. The results will not match an SCTID until a valid SCTID number is entered as the query, however other numbers entered may be matched against numeric content in the concept terms.

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Each result row represents a SNOMED CT concept matching the search query, with a Definition Status icon followed by any term that pattern matches the query (FSN, Preferred Term, and synonyms) in the first results column; the second column shows the concept FSN.

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When the entered query is a valid SCTID a single exact match will be returned, showing the Preferred Term in the first column.

Press any of the row elements (icon or text) to focus on that concept and present it in the right hand Concept Details panel, open to the Summary tab.

Alternatively, the screen cursor can be used - click within a row to highlight it, then drag the highlighted into the right hand Concept Details panel, to replace its current focus concept with the row concept.

Press the Details tab in the Concept Details panel to see detailed information including the concept FSN and Preferred Term in each relevant language reference set.

For each language reference set:
The concept FSN is indicated by an "F" followed by

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in the Term column, and also the word "Preferred" in the Acceptability column.

The concept Preferred Term is indicated by an "S" (for Synonym) followed by 

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in the Term column, and also the word "Preferred" in the Acceptability column.