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Antibodies and antigensAntivenin and descendants


In addition, NRCs should create and maintain a document that specifies which sources are authoritative and should accompany the translation process so that all translators involved have a common basis for determining which sources are acceptable. Translators and other professionals involved in the translation process should also have access to a range of reliable and recognised sources of information in their own language. Both external and internal sources can be used. For example, the Dutch NRC uses the following external sources:


In the following sections relevant existing electronic information sources and internet references (Section 5.1) are listed, followed by an overview of sources that can be created by means of corpus tools or automated suggestions (Section 5.2). It is advisable to check the validity and quality of each source, especially the national editions of international sources.

5.1    Electronic information sources and internet references

Section Organism names (bacteria, viruses, plants, animals, etc.) already contains a list of specific resources for bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. ( The following additional sources may also be helpful:


  • A list of valid internet references with useful information should also be established. The recommended resources can be found in the Editorial Guide (see list of webpages at the beginning of chapter 5). Some relevant taxonomies or nomenclatures in English may be available in the target language.

5.2    Self-created corpora

Online tools