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Not all PDFs in SNOMED CT are “fully defined”.  Two concepts cannot share the same logical definition and both be fully (logically) defined, so there are currently some primitive PDFs that have to be child concepts of fully defined concepts because they have extra meaning in their FSN.  There ay also be some primitive siblings:

Transform Dose Forms

As a general principle. if there is a PDF that undergoes a transform to another PDF (e.g. "Powder for intravesical solution") whose transformed dose form (the administrable dose form) would be "Intravesical solution", the transformed PDF concept should be available in SNOMED CT International content even if there are no CDs that directly require it.  Some extensions may model "administrable CDs" or equivalent concepts and require the administrable dose form.

Mapping Process

Cardinality: In the initial work, we will note when the map being made is 1..1 or 1..*.  Only when we have completed the mapping will we be able to see the overall set of maps and then be able to confirm cardinalities.