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SNOMED CT International Patient Set (IPS) RF2 Refset package license
SNOMED CT International Patient Set (IPS) RF2 Refset package license

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Table of Contents


The SNOMED CT International Patient Set Summary (IPS) refset is designed to standardize and record basic medical data that includes the most important clinical information to patient safety and healthcare. The SNOMED CT IPS refset terms have been harmonized with and supports the contents of the HL7 International Patient Summary (HL7 IPS) and CEN's European Standard for the Patient Summary. 

This refset includes a set of SNOMED CT content from the International Release as defined by the scope in 2.1. below. 

This document provides information about the IPS RF2 refset package.  It does not include a discussion or recommendation regarding the broader set of all SNOMED CT terms that are related to the IPS. 


In 2019, SNOMED International and Health Level Seven International (HL7) announced the formalization of a license agreement in which a relevant "Free for Use" Set of SNOMED CT coded concepts will be used within the HL7 International Patient Summary (HL7 IPS). HL7 is a not-for-profit, ANSI-accredited standards developing organization dedicated to providing a comprehensive framework and related standards for the exchange, integration, sharing and retrieval of electronic health information that supports clinical practice and the management, delivery and evaluation of health services. The HL7 IPS is a minimal and non-exhaustive patient summary dataset, specialty-agnostic, condition-independent, but readily usable by clinicians for the cross-border unscheduled care of a patient. The collaboration is consistent with the aims of both organizations to support international harmonization.  


An IPS document is an electronic health record extract containing essential healthcare information for use in the unscheduled, cross-border care scenario, as well as for local, regional and other care scenarios.

The SNOMED CT International Patient Summary (IPS) is international in scope and in addition to harmonization with HL7 IPS, is aligned with CEN's European Standard for the Patient Summary. The IPS free set consists of more than 8,000 SNOMED CT terms for use in implementations of the HL7 CDA R2 and FHIR IPS Implementation Guides world-wide. The SNOMED CT IPS contains concepts that can record the following data: 

  • General information about the patient (e.g., gender)
  • Medical summary of most important clinical data (e.g., allergies, current medical problems, major surgical procedures)
  • A list of current medications

Use cases:

Organizations, information systems, or mHealth apps creating or receiving an HL7 IPS may or may not have a SNOMED CT License. For organizations, regions, or countries that have a SNOMED CT License, the SNOMED CT Free Set enables easier specification of the patient summary requirements and better interoperability, while for those organizations, regions, or countries that do not have SNOMED CT Licenses, the Free Set enables them to use the data for care and to store within their EHRs. For some, it may provide a starting point for migration to use the use of SNOMED CT. We invite additional use case examples to be sent to 


The IPS refset primarily contains concepts that can be used to record general information about the patient, medical summary of the most important clinical patient data, and a list of the current medication the patient is taking. 



The dependent version of SNOMED CT is the July 2021 International Edition release.


Whilst SNOMED International are the owners of SNOMED CT, clinical validation and ownership is provided by the HL7 International. Further information about the content inclusion of the HL7 IPS should be directed to the HL7 IPS working group.   


The first Production version of the RF2 refset was published after the July 2021 International Edition release of SNOMED CT. Subsequently it will be maintained annually, in line with each July release of SNOMED CT International Edition.

Obtaining the Release

The SNOMED CT IPS RF2 refset is available from SNOMED International and is maintained and updated annually, in line with the latest SNOMED CT International release.

Access within SNOMED International member countries is provided by the Member National Release Centre in each country, via the relevant Member page. Affiliates of SNOMED International in non-member countries can access the refset through their Member Licensing and Distribution SERVICE (MLDS) account. Please contact for more information if required.


Please provide feedback on usage of, or potential improvements to this refset to with "IPS RF2 Refset" in the subject box.

Technical Notes

RF2 package format

The RF2 package convention dictates that it contains all relevant files, regardless of whether or not there is content to be included in each particular release.  Therefore, the package contains a mixture of files which contain both header rows and content data, and also files that are intentionally left blank (including only a header record).  The reason that these files are not removed from the package is to draw a clear distinction between:

  1. ...files that have been deprecated (and therefore removed from the package completely), due to the content no longer being relevant to RF2 in this or future releases, and 
  2. ...files that just happen to contain no data in this particular release (and are therefore included in the package but left blank, with only a header record), but are still relevant to RF2, and could therefore potentially contain data in future releases.

This allows users to easily distinguish between files that have purposefully been removed or not, as otherwise if files in option 2 above were left out of the package it could be interpreted as an error, rather than an intentional lack of content in that release.

RefSet Identification

  • 827022005 |International Patient Summary module (core metadata concept)|
  • 816080008 |International Patient Summary (foundation metadata concept)| - this concept has stated parent |Simple type reference set (foundation metadata concept)|

New files added to the RF2 package format for Derivative products

In order to bring the package format in line with the latest SNOMED International packaging conventions, several new files have been added to the 2021 derivative product release packages:

  • > sct2_RelationshipConcreteValues_IPSDelta_INT_20210731.txt
    > sct2_RelationshipConcreteValues_IPSFull_INT_20210731.txt
    > sct2_RelationshipConcreteValues_IPSSnapshot_INT_20210731.txt
  • > sct2_sRefset_IPSOWLExpressionDelta_INT_20210731.txt
    > sct2_sRefset_IPSOWLExpressionFull_INT_20210731.txt
    > sct2_sRefset_IPSOWLExpressionSnapshot_INT_20210731.txt
  • > der2_ssccRefset_IPSMRCMAttributeRangeDelta_INT_20210731.txt
    > der2_ssccRefset_IPSMRCMAttributeRangeFull_INT_20210731.txt
    > der2_ssccRefset_IPSMRCMAttributeRangeSnapshot_INT_20210731.txt
  • > der2_sssssssRefset_IPSMRCMDomainDelta_INT_20210731.txt
    > der2_sssssssRefset_IPSMRCMDomainFull_INT_20210731.txt
    > der2_sssssssRefset_IPSMRCMDomainSnapshot_INT_20210731.txt
  • > der2_cRefset_IPSMRCMModuleScopeDelta_INT_20210731.txt
    > der2_cRefset_IPSMRCMModuleScopeFull_INT_20210731.txt
    > der2_cRefset_IPSMRCMModuleScopeSnapshot_INT_20210731.txt
  • > der2_cissccRefset_IPSMRCMAttributeDomainDelta_INT_20210731.txt
    > der2_cissccRefset_IPSMRCMAttributeDomainFull_INT_20210731.txt
    > der2_cissccRefset_IPSMRCMAttributeDomainSnapshot_INT_20210731.txt

These files will likely remain empty of content in this derivative product package, but are included to ensure consistency across the SNOMED International catalog of products.

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