Starter guide for new Members

The new Member is contacted to ascertain what specific support needs you require from SNOMED International

New Member provides their initial thoughts on support requirements.

  • The new Member's support requirements are passed to the CEO and the Customer Relations team, so that they can enter into ongoing dialogue regarding the new Member's needs and factor these into delivery plans.

Administration activities

SNOMED International will contact the Member to facilitate the following:

A country page for the new Member is added to the website, containing details of the new Member.

The appropriate representatives of the new Member are also added to the relevant email distribution lists

The Statement of Account template (used in calculating Affiliate License Fees, see Affiliate fees) is also updated to add the new Member and relevant information as published by the World Bank.

Details of the new Member's representatives are communicated to the relevant individuals/teams as follows:

      1. details of the Member Forum representative sent to the Customer Relations team and the Member Forum Chair;
      2. details of the General Assembly representative are sent to the General Assembly Chair, the CEO and the Management Board Chair.

SNOMED CT Starter Guide

The SNOMED CT Starter Guide is a practical and useful starting point from which anyone with a general interest in healthcare information can begin learning about SNOMED CT.

To access click here

SNOMED CT access

  • Access to release files is enabled by emailing the Release Manager

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  • Confluence access can be obtained through following the link

  • Corporate Services team arranges Trello access.

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National Release Centres

Details of national release centres -

National Release Centre guidance - National Release Centre (NRC) Guidance

Managed Service -

Member Forum

Advisory Groups - general

Advisory Groups are established to conduct specific activities that contribute to the fulfillment of the Management Team's responsibilities or the organization's mandate. Advisory Groups are considered to be agile in nature, given the changing needs and direction of the organization, and therefore each group is reviewed on an annual basis to determine if the group is still required or if changes in the Terms of Reference are required. Advisory Group's members have specific skills and abilities related to that particular group.

The Content Managers, e-Learning and Tooling User Advisory Group are member based Advisory Groups. All other Advisory Groups have a restricted membership based on specific requirements, with elected members. The discussions of the groups are available through the various Advisory group Confluence sites. For further information regarding nomination process for both member based and elected Advisory groups please contact

Content Managers Advisory Group

e-Learning Advisory Group

Tooling User Advisory Group

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance framework - Quality Assurance

SNOMED International Conferences and meetings

  • The new Member's representatives invited to any forthcoming conferences/events 

Attend SNOMED International events


Getting a Confluence account - Confluence User Accounts

How to use Confluence - Welcome to Confluence

Useful sites:

Clinical portal - Clinical Engagement