SNOMED International is establishing a Drug Extensions User Support Group, to provide support to implementers of SNOMED CT drug extensions. The group is open to any stakeholder from the SNOMED CT community who is actively using, planning to use, or interested in using the SNOMED CT drug extension model. This includes anyone who is:

  • Creating a national SNOMED CT drug extension to support clinical systems;
  • Mapping an existing national drug model to SNOMED International's drug model to support interoperability and cross-border data sharing;
  • Integrating a SNOMED CT drug extension with other drug standards, such as ISO's Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) standard;
  • Utilising the SNOMED CT drug model to implement clinical decision support (CDS); or
  • Developing clinical implementations that use a drug dictionary based on the SNOEMD CT drug extension model.

Objective - To provide a forum through which implementers can share their real world experiences, challenges and questions, with other stakeholders and SNOMED International

      1. To enable the successful implementation of national SNOMED CT drug extensions, that meet the requirements of both national use and cross-border data sharing
      2. To enable the successful interoperability between national SNOMED CT drug extensions and other medicinal product standards required for national or cross-border data sharing

Meetings - The first meeting will be held on Thursday 29th October 2020 at 11:00 UTC

To register for this group, please complete the registration form at For further information please visit or email Linda Bird (

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