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Please see the space created here Members Collaboration  - Please leave comments on the page for layout changes needed or training required on how to maintain the space.

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  1. Hi Lesley,

    I have a 'Page not found' message when clicking on the Members Collaboration link.

  2. Hi - All sorry we might have to wait until Tuesday to use - Rory Davidson and I just realized we might have a Space Duplication issue so the Space name may have to change

  3. Hi, just wondering if we got anywhere with this.  It came up in the Member Forum priorities subcommittee as possibly a useful space to link in to.

  4. Hi Elaine Wooler, You can access the confluence site via this link:Members CollaborationLesley MacNeil had been looking for input to see if anything further was required for the site. Regards, Cathy

    1. That link isn't working. At least for me.

      1. Matt Cordell- I just looked at the page and it notes there is no page restrictions so you should be able to view and edit. I'll follow up with the Tech Team.

        1. There were space restrictions, but the space is now open for the CMAG and MF members to visit.