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On this page the Translation User Group presents some recurring challenges when translating SNOMED CT into different languages.

We divide the challenges into fire categories:

1 Grouper concepts

2 Cultural and linguistic nuances

3 Ambiguity and inconsistency

4 False friends

In each category you can find some examples. Each example consists of a presentation of the challenge and one or more alternative strategies to solve it.

If you have feed-back or want to suggest a new example, please send an e-mail to the chair of the Translation User Group or a comment on this page.

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  1. Katharine Priest Hi Katharine! In the Translation User Group meeting in Atlanta we discussed including some examples of difficult cases of translation as a knowledge resource. I think you mentioned that you could have a look. Above is the first (of severeal cases). I´m a bit unsure how to present them, i.e. format, graphics etc. I would like to hear your opinion. 

    The idea is that the E-learning Pathway Course could link to this resource page somehow. 

  2. Hi Ole Våge

    I have started to have a look at this, let me have a bit of a further look at the format options and then we can see if this meets your requirements and would be suitable to link with any E-learning resources. 

    Best wishes, 


  3. Thanks, Katharine Priest ! Just let me know if you want me to add more cases or if there is anything I can do to assist (smile)

  4. Hi Ole Våge

    I have had a look at the above and also the document with the different cases and I think we mentioned at the October meeting that there seemed to be common themes and several examples. So, I have tried to pull this together with a common challenge, different strategies that could be taken and then the example cases. Do you want me to send this to you or add the pages to confluence for you to have a look at to see if this is helpful and meets what you are trying to convey? 

    Best wishes, Kath

  5. Great, thanks Katharine Priest ! Could you add the pages to confluence for me? Then I could discuss it with the rest of the group? Are you going to London for the Business Meeting, by the way? Maybe we could meet in one of the breaks or have a chat at the reception on Monday afternoon?

  6. Hi Ole Våge

    I can certainly add them. I will be at the Business Meetings next week, would be great to meet with you. I have ELAG on Monday afternoon so one of the breaks might be a good opportunity. Thanks, Kath.

  7. A couple of interesting false friends (false cognates) examples:

    Intoxicado vs. Intoxicated
    In Spanish, the meaning is more like poisoning, whereas in English is related to substance abuse.

    Molestar vs Molest
    In Spanish it means bothering someone, and in English it has sexual abuse implications.