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1Translation experiences and challenges from the French NRC


 Difference between 161831008 |Weight increasing (finding)| and 262286000 |Weight increased (finding)|

Room for improvements, also regarding attribute targets.

Ole Våge submits a CRS


Duplicate 169836001 |Birth of child (finding)| and 3950001 |Birth (finding)|

Probably duplicates

Frank Geier submits a CRS

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Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation 20231212_Présentation TUG.pptx 2023-Dec-15 by Ole Våge

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  1. Ad item 3:

    We agree with Frank that there seems to be duplicates in this area. 364738009 |Finding of outcome of delivery (finding)| and the child concept: 169836001 |Birth of child (finding) are duplicates of 302080006 |Finding of birth outcome (finding)| and the child concept: 3950001 |Birth (finding)|.

    Camilla and Louise