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Gender-inclusive language

Frank Geier

German language: A need to determine sex like male, female and others, e.g. Patient. Rule in the German Translation Group: Separation of male and female with <space/space> But also female as one synonym and male as another synonym. Also a third variant for people who don´t identify themselvs as male/female with an * (asterisk). Also, there are other possibilites, like : (colon).

Rutt Lindström Finno-Ugrig languages don´t have this problem

Ole Våge Not an issue in Norwegian

Emma Hultén Not an issue

Feikje Hielkema-Raadsveld Not an issue. Avoiding pronouns. Less inflexion in Dutch than German.

Nathalie De Sutter Try to come up with a neutral term.

Frank Geier According to the Belgian NRC, the male version is used in French. Avoiding gender in German is not possible all the time.

Elaine Wooler Not an issue in the international version. But maybe ISO can provide something?

Frank Geier Can symbols cause problems in SNOMED CT descriptions, like : (colon).

Rutt Lindström Not a technical issue. Brackets used for semantic tag, but can be used elsevere also.

Feikje Hielkema-Raadsveld According to the RF2 specifications: no control characters like no tabs and line breaks

Nathalie De Sutter Colons used in procedures. But; Hard space is a problem.

  • Elaine Wooler Check if there is ISO standard or group on this issue. 
  • Ole Våge Check the Translation Guidelines regarding characters
2Grain vs. cereal

Frank Geier Many sources say that grain and cereal the same, but others the cereal is the grass cultivated for grain.

But inconsistencies in the subhiearchy in SNOMED CT.

Feikje Hielkema-Raadsveld In Dutch, cereal interpreted as a processed verison of grain

Ole Våge Same approach as Dutch

Nathalie De Sutter Cereal as grouper, and grain for each kind in the Belgian.

Feikje Hielkema-Raadsveld A CRS request needed.

Ole Våge creates a CRS.

Done: #783794

3Superscript and subscript

Should we add something to the Translation Guidelines? Guidelines for Translation of SNOMED CT ?

SCTF-58 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Avoid using special characters

Camilla Wiberg Danielsen Some kind of marking is necessary.

Ole Våge Follow up in next meeting. Also check ISO standars.

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