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Since last Business Meeting: 

  • Several Jira issues have been resolved
  • Guidelines for Management of Translation in progress
  • Two extenal presentations were held after the kind invitation of Cornelia 

In the future: Count resolved Jira issues

2Demonstration of new version of Translation WeblateRory Davidson Rory presented the Weblate translation tool. It is now possible to add multiple synonyms

Rory Davidson  will invite members in the Translation User Group to a hands-on walk through the tool in a vidoe meeting

3Follow-up from last Business Meeting: Shaping our collaboration with SNOMED InternationalOle Våge

It is now possible to post issues related to translations and descriptions in the international CRS without counting them agains the NRC quota (by selectiing "Translation" in the CRS). 

Necessary text definitions for translations can be requested by sending an email to freshdesk:

4What kind of skills and competencies are required for translation? And for validation? 

There is a need for specifying competencies among translators and validators/SMEs. This can be used for courses or other teaching material. 

Ian Spiers reported on the possibility of creating a specific pathway for translation in the education framework of Snomed Int., using existing material where possible

A group of volunteers from the Translation User Group (Netherlands, Check Republic, Switzerland, Argentina and Norway) will meet to follow up this issue.

Ole Våge Ole will schedule a seperate meeting with Guillermo Reynoso Irena Rubešová Frank Geier Inge Soons 

5Translated terms for secondary purposes: Reusing translated terms for language technologyOle Våge Snomed Int. reports that NRCs can deposit terms (national language and English) to national language resource banks for secondary usage in language technology, with no rights reserved. This only applies to descriptions (NOT IDs, relationships etc.)
6Non-acceptable terms: What is a non-acceptable term and how do we deal with them? 

Marie-Alexandra presented a POC where forbidden terms are registred in a context based reference set. This will increase searchability and reduce unwanted synonyms being added locally.

The issue is also an implemenation issue.

Some worries about introducing forbidden terms were raised.

Frequent misspellings should be handled as a part of the implementation issue, preferebly not as a part of description content in SNOMED CT.

The issue of non-acceptable terms is also being discussed in other fora (advisory groups) in Snomed Int. There is a need for update from these discussions.

Ole Våge  will ask Guillermo Reynoso to report from the discussions in the advisory groups

7Next meetingOle Våge The meeting on the 4th of October will be cancelled. Next scheduled meeting will be held 18th October.

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