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May 3rd, 2022, 11 UTC


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Review chapters 3 & 4 of the Translation Management Guidelines

2 JIRA issues

Deferred until next meeting

 o Superscript & subscript

o  difference between 'distortion' and 'deformity’


Requirements for patient-friendly terms in FHIR

Daniel Karlsson

Would people use both preferred and acceptable patient-friendly names? Would they create text definitions for patients?

Debated: is a consumer name the same thing as a patient-friendly name, or are consumers a different type of audience? Where would a domain-specific language refset, e.g. for GPs or nurses, fit in? There is an alternative mechanism for non-consumer language refsets which uses the reference set id; could we use that also for consumer names? However, consumer names ease implementation, and the absence of a consumer name in FHIR might confuse users and make them think there is no patient-friendly name.

Everyone: please review

4Drafting natural language definitions from formal definitions

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