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11 september 2018, 14 UTC


  • Determine how Snomed International can assist NRC's who share a language, to share their translations. 
    • How do we stop having duplicate descriptions across countries that share a language?
    • How to enable sharing translations?
    • The most difficult matter to address is governance. Who has ownership?
    • How could Snomed International assist in sharing translations across NRC's?
    • Which related issues would have to be addressed?

Please read and contribute to the discussions in this space before the meeting.

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  1. Dear fellow translators,

    I hope you have all had a nice holiday - as I did, which is why this meeting page is sadly overdue. There were no notes of the last meeting, as we never got enough participants online to start. So we hadn't got around to picking the next date. I propose next Tuesday, the 11th, 14 UTC. If you cannot make that time, please post here or drop me an email so we can move the meeting. The agenda is the same as last time.

    1. Hi Feikje,

      This is a very bad time for me (between finishing work and picking up children from school), so I won't be able to attend.

      But I'll try to make comments on the agenda items with my GA member.


    2. Hello,

      I can attend the suggested time.

  2. I think I have the same issue as Francisco... 14UTC is a really bad timing between finishing work and picking up the kids. But I will try to make it.

  3. We can move it to two hours earlier, e.g. 12 UTC. Would that improve matters for you, and is there anyone who could not make 12 UTC?

  4. 12UTC is perfect to me

  5. Ups, sorry... when I was going to put the meeting in my agenda I've seen my manager has appointed me for another meeting I cannot avoid.

    I'll try to make comments with my GA member to the points you propose and will read the minutes after.


  6. 12 UTC is fine with me.

  7. Emma Hultén and Belgian NRC are waiting to join the meeting...

  8. Hi Katrien Scheerlinck and Emma Hultén I am so sorry! I forgot to put the meeting in my agenda... Do you still have time?

    1. (smile) Well, yes, but is it only supposed to be the three of us?

  9. The important conclusions of this meeting:

    • We need more people to attend;
    • We should get together in Vancouver;
    • The next meeting will be held on October 2nd, 12 UTC.

    Just after Vancouver there will be a meeting in Paris between the Belgian and French NRC's and Rory. Katrien Scheerlinck will summarise its conclusions afterwards in the Translation User Group.

    1. Excellent summary! (smile)

  10. Almost excellent (wink) The meeting in Paris will be held the 27th of September. Participating countries are all the French speaking SNOMED CT members (Canada, Suisse, Luxembourg and Belgium).

  11. Even better! You can give us an update on the next meeting then.

  12. I was unable to attend the meeting on September 11th. Sorry about that. On October 2nd, I will be attending a workshop in Lisbon until 2 pm. I will be going to Vancouver, so I expect to see some of you there! (smile)