Welcome to the Substances Project Space!

This is a landing page to explain what this project is about. Most of the specific information about the group is kept in another Confluence space: Substance Project.

The Substances Project has a project team, which is a closed group. It does not have a formal Project Group.

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The Substances Hierarchy Project aims to deliver a plan to update to substances content and provide a robust concept model for substance representation.


The scope of the project is to

  1. Provide a re-design of Substances hierarchy and document a review of previous SNOMED CT substances work.

  2. Provide a strategy and a project plan for the implementation of the re-designed hierarchy.
  3. Implement the re-designed hierarchy on content.
  4. Write SNOMED CT Editorial Guidelines on the Substances hierarchy.


Phuong Skovgaard and Emma Melhuish


Internal project meetings only; this is a project team effort not project group effort

Face to Face

 Conference meetings are out of scope for this group


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