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[Interpretation] [Observable] (finding)FSNus:Pgb:Pci
[Interpretation] [Observable]SYNus:Pgb:Pci

Concept model:

Definition status:  

900000000000073002 |Sufficiently defined concept definition status (core metadata concept)|

Applies To:

<< 404684003 |Clinical finding (finding)| : 363713009 |Has interpretation (attribute)| = (<<71978007 |Inadequate (qualifier value)| OR <<260378005 |Excessive (qualifier value)|) , 363714003 |Interprets (attribute)| = <<364393001 |Nutritional observable (observable entity)|


250171008 | Clinical history and observation findings (finding)|

<<870404000 |Excessive intake of carbohydrate (finding)| OR << 846619006 |Excessive intake of fat and oil (finding)| OR <<441931000124109 |Excessive mineral intake (finding)| OR <<441911000124103 |Excessive vitamin intake (finding)| OR <<870405004 |Inadequate intake of carbohydrate (finding)| OR <<441921000124106 |Inadequate mineral intake (finding)| OR << 441901000124101 |Inadequate vitamin intake (finding)|

Template language:

404684003 |Clinical finding (finding)| : [[~1..1 @rolegroup]]{ [[~1..1]]  363714003 |Interprets (attribute)|  = [[+id(<<  364393001 |Nutritional observable (observable entity)|  ) @observable ]], [[~1..1]]  363713009 |Has interpretation (attribute)|  = [[ +id ( 71978007 |Inadequate (qualifier value)|  OR  260378005 |Excessive (qualifier value)| ) @interpretation]] }

Link to the misaligned concept report:

Rules for description generation: 

  1. Apply General rules for generating descriptions for templates;
  2. Apply Enhancements for the Template Language;

JIRA ticket:

NUTRITION-49 - Getting issue details... STATUS

INFRA-5430 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. Hi Suzanne Santamaria, 'Applies to' can be aligned with the template spec, e.g. <<250171008 |Clinical history and observation findings (finding)| : 363713009 |Has interpretation (attribute)| = (<<71978007 |Inadequate (qualifier value)| OR  <<260378005 |Excessive (qualifier value)|) , 363714003 |Interprets (attribute)| = <<364393001 |Nutritional observable (observable entity)|

    1. Thanks, Yongsheng Gao, I tried to run a report with the "Applies to" value you suggested but it is failing. Could you please look to see what I am missing? template compliance report attempted to run on 2020-07-14 19:02:51 UTC.

      1. Hi Suzanne Santamaria, I have updated the focus concept to 250171008 |Clinical history and observation findings (finding)|. The report has completed without errors.  

        1. Thanks, Yongsheng Gao. That worked. I did have to include complex cases for results to appear. I'm not sure why that was necessary but the report looks fine. There are known reasons why for the few concepts that are misaligned. Some are slated to be inactivated soon and a few are out of scope for this phase of the project. 

          Please proceed with the review of this template.

          Should we update the name of this template? "Nutrition intake findings" may be too general since the template is limited to excessive and inadequate nutrition findings?

  2. Hi Yongsheng Gao, This template is using an inactive concept 250171008 |Clinical history and observation findings (finding)|. Could you please update the new one? Thanks

    1. Thanks Quyen Ly,  updated by replacing it with 404684003 |Clinical finding (finding)|.