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[Course] contact dermatitis of [body structure] caused by [substance] (disorder)


[Course] contact dermatitis of [body structure] caused by [substance]


Concept model:

Definition status:  

900000000000073002 |Defined (core metadata concept)|

Applies to

40275004 |Contact dermatitis (disorder)|

Rules for generating descriptions:

  1. Remove the semantic tag, e.g. (body structure)
  2. Remove 'Structure of' from [body structure] if term starts with 'Structure of'   e.g. 709530002|Structure of phalanx of hand (body structure)|
  3. Remove 'structure' from [body structure] if term contains 'structure', e.g. 69536005|Head structure (body structure)|   24097009|Bone structure of hand (body structure)|
  4. Clinical course is optional. If it is not present in the logical model, the letter 'C' in 'contact' should be switched to upper case as the first letter in the description.
  5. Substance is optional, if it is not present in the logical model, "caused by [substance]" should not be included in the description.
  6. Finding site is optional, if it is not present in the logical model, "of [body structure]" should not be included in the description.

JIRA ticket for implementation:

INFRA-2549 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. Corrected slot name [finding site] to [body structure] in model table.

  2. Yongsheng Gao thanks for the description rules about the optional cardinality of the [Clinical course] slot.

    The slots [body structure] and [substance] are also used in the FSN generation and have optional cardinality. Could you give some more rules for handling this please?

  3. Hi Kai Kewley, I have added two additional rules for descriptions.

  4. Yongsheng Gao that's clear now. Thank you.

  5. What is the convention for when to use a semantic tag or a top level concept name in a slot?  For example, we use [body structure] (semantic tag) for the finding site term, but [Clinical course] (an attribute name) for the qualifier value associated with the attribute?  Should we not try to be consistent?

    1. Hi Jim Case, good point. We should establish the rule for slot names for consistency in template specifications.

  6. Lesley MacNeil - good suggestion, I will pick up this discussion. We could add this as a section in the End to end workflow doc. as well since it might be that authors want to create templates outwith QI project. Monica Harry

  7. Yongsheng Gao Is attribute type "263502005 |Clinical course (attribute)|" correct as  concept Clinical course (attribute) doesn't have any children.

  8. @mch nice catch...I do not think < 263502005 |Clinical course (attribute)| is correct.

  9. Hi Michael Chu, the '<' should be applicable to the "value" rather than 'attribute'. I have updated the spec. Cheers, Yong

  10. Yongsheng Gao

    Hi Yong, I can see that the attribute value for 116676008 |Associated morphology (attribute)| needs an update:  23583003 |Inflammation (morphologic abnormality)| has been inactivated as a duplicate of 409774005 |Inflammatory morphology (morphologic abnormality)|. Can I update the attribute value here or do I need to create a new version of the template?



  11. Hi Farzaneh Ashrafi, Please create a new template and name it as v3. Then, I will raise the ticket for the technical team to update in the Authoring platform. 



  12. Please see under association templates for revised models based on ECE discussions

    Contact dermatitis - updated model - for review

    Allergic Contact dermatitis - updated model - for review

    1. Hi Bruce Goldberg, I have moved the template from the association template folder to the clinical finding template folder. The template name has been updated to follow the new naming convention. Contact dermatitis of body structure caused by substance (disorder) - Archived 

    1. Hi Farzaneh Ashrafi, I think we should update the existing v3 that you created. Most of these two templates are the same. Bruce Goldberg could you please look into the linked template from Farzaneh. 



      1. Yongsheng GaoFarzaneh Ashrafi

        I will modify Farzaneh's v3 template.

  13. Yongsheng GaoFarzaneh Ashrafi

    Yong, it looks like you updated the Allergic contact dermatitis template. I will do the same for the Contact dermatitis template tomorrow AM.