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Allergic reaction caused by [agent] (disorder)


Allergic reaction caused by [agent]


Concept model:

Definition status:  

900000000000073002 |Defined (core metadata concept)|

Template Language


281647001 |Adverse reaction (disorder)|: [[~1..1]] { [[~1..1]] 370135005 |Pathological process (attribute)| =[[+id( 472964009 |Allergic process (qualifier value)|) @proc]], [[~1..1]] 246075003 |Causative agent (attribute)| = [[+id( < 105590001 |Substance (substance)| OR < 373873005 | Pharmaceutical / biologic product (product)| ) @agent]] }

Applies to:

419076005 |Allergic reaction (disorder)|

Editorial guidelines for selection of Causative agent attribute value:

The following editorial guidelines apply to concepts in the International Release; editorial guidelines for concepts in national extensions may vary.

Concept typeAllowedExamples and Notes (Note: Examples are existing concepts and may not reflect the terming patterns described in the template.)
Substance baseyes

Concepts representing a substance base should be modeled using a Causative agent that is a descendant of 105590001 |Substance (substance)|.


  • 241939002 |Insulin-induced anaphylaxis (disorder)|

Expected classification:

  • Classification results are expected to be consistent with the modeling of the concept selected as the Causative agent in the Substance hierarchy.
Substance modificationno, unless documented as exception

Exceptions: None identified

Multiple substanceno, unless documented as exception

Exceptions: None identified

Disposition grouperno, unless documented as exception

Exceptions: None identified

Role grouperno, unless documented as exception

Exceptions: None identified

Structure grouperno, unless documented as exception

Exceptions: None identified

Descendant of 373873005 |Pharmaceutical / biologic product (product)|no, unless documented as exceptionExceptions: None identified

Rules for description generation:

  1. For the FSN, align terming and case sensitivity with the FSN for the concept that is selected as the attribute value, excluding the semantic tag. 
  2. For the PT, align terming and case sensitivity with the US and GB PT for the concept that is selected as the attribute value.
  3. In cases where neither the US or GB PT matches the FSN, excluding the semantic tag, a synonym corresponding to the FSN is required unless explicitly identified as an exception.
  4. Additional synonyms "[agent] adverse reaction" should be added. Other synonyms are not allowed unless explicitly identified as an exception.

JIRA ticket for implementation:

INFRA-11602 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. Hi Bruce Goldberg

    Can you confirm agreement with this template or note any changes that need to be made?



  2. Hi Toni Morrison. Looks good to me.


  3. Hi Bruce Goldberg

    I added the optional "After (attribute)" to this template update to account for concepts such as:

    • 282095007 |Allergic reaction caused by bee sting (disorder)|
    • 419884005 |Allergic reaction caused by flea bite (disorder)|

    Please advise if you agree with these changes.



  4. Hi Toni Morrison. Shouldn't the range of after in this case include event? I was thinking of using that in a separate template burt it would work here (after disease OR event)


    1. Hi Bruce Goldberg

      I think you're right - the first examples I checked were disorders but I found another one that was using an Event. I'll update. The examples that have shown up on my report are either bites or stings. Some are modeled with disorder but others with event. It seems like they should all be the same - am I missing something?


  5. Hi Yongsheng Gao 

    Following the QI Call discussion relating to, I have updated "Applies to:" section to  "< 419076005 |Allergic reaction (disorder)|".

    Please let me know if any additional change is required.



  6. Yongsheng Gao Version 2.0 of this template in production is currently failing due to referencing inactive concepts.

    1. The ticket TBBA-471 - Getting issue details... STATUS has already been submitted to the technical team to update the template. 

      1. In September last year I see!   Thanks for supplying the ticket reference.   Might be worth including those in the Status block at the top of the page so we can join the dots on this sort of thing.  I see it now - half way down the page, that's great.

        I'll follow up on this and I presume you're giving me other tickets for other templates, those too.