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Allergic [morphology] of [body structure] caused by [substance] (disorder)


Allergic [morphology] of [body structure] caused by [substance]


Concept model:

Definition status:  

900000000000073002 |Defined (core metadata concept)|

Applies to

<<  781474001 | Allergic disorder (disorder)|

Template language:

64572001 |Disease (disorder)|: [[~1..1 @rolegroup]]{ [[~0..1]] 246075003| Causative agent (attribute) |= [[+id ( << 105590001| Substance (substance) |)]], [[~1..1]] 363698007| Finding site (attribute) |= [[+id ( << 442083009 |Anatomical or acquired body structure (body structure)|) ]], [[~1..1]] 370135005 |Pathological process (attribute)|= [[+id ( << 472964009 |Allergic process (qualifier value)|) ]], [[~1..1]] 116676008| Associated morphology (attribute) |= [[+id ( < 49755003| Morphologically abnormal structure (morphologic abnormality) |) ]] }

Rules for generating descriptions:

  1. Remove the semantic tag, e.g. (body structure)
  2. Remove 'Structure of' from [body structure] if term starts with 'Structure of'   e.g. 709530002|Structure of phalanx of hand (body structure)|
  3. Remove 'structure' from [body structure] if term contains 'structure', e.g. 69536005|Head structure (body structure)|   24097009|Bone structure of hand (body structure)|
  4. Remove "caused by [substance]" from descriptions if cardinality=0 in the logic model. 
  5. Description pattern [morphology] of [body structure] are fine for some concepts. However, for other concepts, this pattern might not be suitable. For example, inflammation of a X body structure is commonly termed as X-itis, e.g. rhinitis. It is an [inflammation] of [mucous membrane of nose]. 
    It would ideal if the FSN and PT for 70076002|Rhinitis (disorder)| can be used for 'allergic rhinitis' based on the modeling match of morphology and finding site for Rhinitis. The rest modeling and descriptions are formed from allergic process and causative agent. If it is not possible, authors will need to update the auto-generated descriptions.

JIRA ticket for implementation:

INFRA-2549 - Getting issue details... STATUS

INFRA-3230 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. Yongsheng Gao the slot [substance] is marked with optional cardinality but it is used in the FSN. What should we do if the attribute is not present?

  2. I have merged the cells for attribute group cardinality where they apply to the same group. This is clearer.

  3. Yong, I think the associated morphology value should be <<49755003 |Morphologically abnormal structure (morphologic abnormality)| as not all allergic diseases may have a morphology of inflammation. This was updated in the guidelines you reviewed.


    1. Thanks Bruce Goldberg, I have updated the range for associated morphology.

  4. I am not clear on how the terming will work for the FSN in this template, for example, if 429195002|Allergic rhinitis caused by animal dander (disorder)| were to be added today using this template would the FSN be "Allergic inflammation of mucous membrane of nose caused by animal dander (disorder)"

  5. I would just call it Allergic rhinitis caused by animal dander (disorder) - this should be completely unambiguous imo.

  6. Bruce Goldberg I am working on Allergic gastro disorders but it is confusing. Qs: On this template here, should the IS A here be:

    609433001 |Hypersensitivity disposition (finding)| OR

    281647001 |Adverse reaction (disorder)|

    • And indicate the noninfectious nature of the disorder?
    • Eg. What is difference between 26006005 |Allergic gastroenteritis (disorder)| and 236061007 |Hypersensitivity gastroenteritis (disorder)| are they duplicate and do they need to be descendants of 12574004 |Noninfectious gastroenteritis (disorder)|
  7. Monica Harry

    1. These are diseases and thus in our model distinct from dispositions and processes (reactions) - so neither 

      609433001 |Hypersensitivity disposition (finding)| OR 281647001 |Adverse reaction (disorder)| should be parents.

    2. I don't know what 36061007 |Hypersensitivity gastroenteritis (disorder)| means. The majority of hits on a Google search for this term bring up eosinophilic gastroenteritis. I would retire hypersensitivity gastroenteritis as ambiguous maybeA eosinophilic gastroenteritis + maybeA allergic gastroenteritis.
    3. You can add 12574004 |Noninfectious gastroenteritis (disorder)| as a parent.