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[course] [periods of life][morphology] of [body structure] caused by [organism] (disorder)


[course] [periods of life][morphology] of [body structure] caused by [organism]


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900000000000073002 |Defined|

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<< 128477000 |Abscess (disorder)|

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  1. Apply General rules for generating descriptions for templates
  2. Appy Enhancements for the Template Language;

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QI-210 - Getting issue details... STATUS

INFRA-3262 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. Can this template be modified to include an optional due to disease relationship?

    1. Bruce Goldberg , I don't see a problem with this content-wise. Note that we have a template in review for "Abscess of body structure due to disease" (  Yongsheng Gao  should I make the change Bruce requested then change this template back to "In review" status for you to review when you return?

      1. Suzanne Santamaria , Yongsheng Gao. I still get confused about how generic we should make these. I think a lot of existing templates could be replaced by the 
        Clinical Finding / Disorder Starter Template. 

  2. Suzanne SantamariaYongsheng Gao , during this weeks QI call the decision was to keep these separate.