To start working within a map project in Snap2SNOMED, tasks will need to be created, as all mapping work is performed within a task. One Member of the map project can be assigned to each task. Owners of a map project can create tasks, and assign these to the members of the project. Members of a mapping project can create tasks for themself. 

Snap2SNOMED supports two types of mapping tasks; 'authoring' tasks and 'review' tasks. Within an authoring task, members can select map targets and update the details for the individual map records. Within a review task, members can accept or reject the map targets and relationships proposed by the author.

Create Task

To create a task, open the 'Tasks' panel by clicking on the 'Tasks' button from within the view of a map project.

To start creating the task, open the 'New Task' tab:.

In the 'New Task' panel, a description, an assigned member, and the type of task should be specified. Furthermore, you also need to specify whether all or a selected number of the map rows should be included in the task. As shown in the diagram below, you can manually select the rows of the map to be included in the task. This will allow the mapping work to be split between a number of members of a mapping project.

View Tasks

Once tasks have been created, these are visible from the Tasks panel in the Author and Review tab respectively. Here, Owners and Memebers can see the progress of the tasks as a percentage, and they can delete or close the task.

To start working on a task, the member needs to select the task from the drop-down list at the top of the 'View Map' screen.

Delete Tasks

A task can be deleted by clicking on the red  icon within the task view.

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