Snap2SNOMED has been built using a collaborative iterative agile approach. The current release of Snap2SNOMED supports a range of features including

  • Ability to create simple maps to SNOMED CT
  • Online and easily accessible (requires login from SNOMED International)
  • Collaborative workflow features
    • Allows teams of users to author and review a map

    • Dual independent workflow is not yet available

  • Automated mapping suggestions are available as a bulk operation and for single source terms
  • Map review process available in workflow for map content
  • Intuitive UI to make browsing and mapping to SNOMED CT easy and efficient
  • Ability to perform map maintenance
  • Import your own code sets and maps
  • Export to CSV, TSV and XLSX


This tool is provided by SNOMED International for use by Members at

The codebase of Snap2SNOMED is available as open source with a standard Apache 2 license. This allows the software to be used for any purpose, distributed, modified, and for modified versions of the software to be distributed under the terms of the license without concern for royalties ( Please be aware however that the tool depends on Ontoserver, which is not open source.