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Dear all,

The March 2018 Alpha release of the SNOMED CT Starter Set Translation package is now available, from the MLDS distribution site. 


This Alpha release provides SNOMED International Member organizations an opportunity to perform a thorough evaluation of the SNOMED CT Starter Set Translation package, and to provide feedback to SNOMED International.  Please note that this Alpha Release should not be distributed to Affiliate Licensees or any third parties before the Production release.  The Alpha release package is distributed for evaluation purposes only. It must not be used in production clinical systems or in clinical settings.

This release is dependent upon, and should therefore be evaluated in the context of the January 2018 SNOMED CT International Edition.

SNOMED International is actively seeking feedback, in particular on the translations themselves.  Feedback should be provided through the SNOMED International Reset/Translation tool:, or through SNOMED International Helpdesk, by marking the correspondence "Starter Set Translation March 2018 Alpha package". 

Feedback on the Alpha release files will be accepted until 23:59 UTC on 30th June 2018 – although all parties are urged to submit their findings as early as possible.

When providing feedback, please include as much detail as possible, incorporating references to, or samples of, specific instances of the issue being reported.  The absence of sufficient information to allow SNOMED International to confirm the reported issue may result in no action being taken prior to the Production release.  Feedback on content related issues will be assessed and prioritized by SNOMED International, and a decision will be made as to whether to address any reported content issues for the Production release or as part of a future release.  

The release is distributed in a zipped archive file in the official RF2 format as follows:

All files are available from the “March 2018 Alpha release v0.1” version of the “SNOMED CT Starter Set Translation package - SNOMED International” project, to be found in the “Offline & Alpha/Beta Releases” section of the “IHTSDO Releases” page on MLDS, accessed here:

The Release Notes can be found in the same repository in MLDS, and are also available online:

If you do not have access to MLDS, please request the Alpha release package by contacting the Release Management Team by email (, with the subject "Release Management Team - SNOMED CT Starter Set Translation package March 2018 ALPHA release access request".

If you have any questions about the Alpha release, or have difficulties downloading the files, please contact SNOMED International at with the subject line as “SNOMED CT Starter Set Translation package March 2018 Alpha release”.

Kind regards, 

Andrew Atkinson  |  Release Manager

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