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We are seeking input on some patient positioning requests to determine the international understanding of the meaning and terming. When commenting, if the position is known by other names please include that in your response.

The terms are:
1. Cardiac bedding: The patient is placed in a (semi-)sitting position by positioning the upper body high; at the same time, the legs are positioned low so that venous return to the heart is reduced. The low positioning of the legs distinguishes cardiac bed positioning from simple upper body high positioning.

2. A-positioning: Performing body positioning using cushions placed in an “A” formation.
3. V-positioning: Performing body positioning using cushions placed in a “V” formation
Advice received includes: "V-A-T-I" positionings are the all-purpose tool in pneumonia prophylaxis.
In V-A-T-I supports, specific areas of the lungs are stretched through targeted hollow supports, resulting in better ventilation.

V-A-T-I positioning includes:
- V-positioning to ventilate the lower lung areas
- A-positioning for ventilation of the upper lung areas
- T-positioning for ventilation of all lung areas
- I-positioning for ventilation of all lung areas for narrow residents.

4. Positioning for immobilization: Immobilizing body parts (back, head, leg, etc.) by positioning.

Thank you for your help.

Cathy Richardson and Elaine Wooler

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  1. Input from group during call 9 August 2022:

    • Terms are not unfamiliar ?? regional usage.
    • Cardiac bedding term appears to relate to a type of Fowler's position.
    • VATI positions -potentially for operative or COVD positioning. Group advised that input was also been sought from the Anaesthesia Group as it had been raised that these may be used for ventilation.
    • Immobilisation - could be used for surgical/post op patients.