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Requests have been received for the addition of new concepts to the Qualifier Value and Social Context hierarchies to represent the critical care nursing occupation and speciality. The concepts are termed: Critical care nurse (occupation) and Critical care nursing specialty (qualifier value).

We can see this is an internationally recognised nursing speciality:

SNOMED CT already has the concepts 224547003 |Intensive therapy nurse (occupation)|,  and 1255680001 |Intensive therapy nursing (qualifier value)| which from analysis look to be subtypes of the requested critical care concepts. Both intensive therapy concepts have intensive care synonyms.

I am looking to clarify from an international perspective:
- if the terms Intensive therapy nurse and Intensive therapy nursing are still in use internationally and if so, how are they defined.
- is intensive care nursing seen as a type of critical care nursing or the same in different countries.

Thank you.

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    Critical care typically covers the entire scope of enhanced care, Intensive Care predominantly covers Level 3 and High Dependency typically Level 2 although many Units now have beds that flex between level 2 and 3.  The audit (in the UK) usually looks at the patient needs rather than the bed provision.  I am no longer working actively in this area but this paper is relatively recent.  Intensive care is a subtype of critical care.