Blog from January, 2023


We would like to thank you for joining our first Nursing CRG call of 2023!

As some of you may know, we were unable to get through all the "at risk concepts".  Therefore, we have created a definition summary so everyone gets a chance to "agree or disagree with a summarized version of those proposed definitions in our spreadsheet. Please use the link below to provide your input. 

Nursing CRG "at risk" gathered responses. In column D place your name or initials next to Agree: or Disagree:  for the 6 definitions listed, no later than, Tuesday January 24th.  Also, please note that column L provides a brief status of all concepts. 

We look forward to see you all on our next call February 14th at 20:00 UTC

Christine and Erica 

Greetings and Happy New Year!

The January Nursing Clinical Reference Group meeting is scheduled for Tuesday January 10, 2023 @ 2000 UTC

Use Zoom Link: and Password - 871141

The agenda has been posted, we will much to talk about.   If you have not already done so, please review the Nursing CRG "at risk" gathered responses or share your working definition for the "at risk" concepts in the spreadsheet.  Terminology consultation posts regarding At Risk Content - Input on Meaning of Concepts and Clinical Nursing Speciality - International Recognition will provide background information for our agenda items.    

Thank you to those of you who have brought terminology issues to the group for discussion, new topics are always welcome.

We look forward to everyone's input! 

Erica and Christine