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Resources for training.

Topics Covered

  • Editing a map record
  • Choosing a target code
  • Clearing a target code
  • Adding advice
  • Adding a note
  • Adding feedback
  • Flags for review



Following is a script for the attached video.

Preamble: Welcome to the IHTSDO map tool video tutorials. This specialist training video covers editing a map record.

  • Describe the parts of the Edit Record Dashboard.
  • Source Concept Panel
    • Point out the source terminology, concept id, and concept name.
    • Open the SNOMEDCT Concept Browser
    • Open the Index Viewer.

  • Entries Panel
    • Displays a summary of the current map entries attached to the record, sorted by group.  The entry currently being edited is highlighted in green.
    • Type an appropriate target id and show it appear on the entries panel.
    • Direct user to 'Advanced Editing training video' for discussion of multiple entries and groups.

  • Map Notes Panel
    • Displays any notes currently attached to the record.  Notes can be deleted by clicking the "x" icon on the desired note.
    • Add a note to the record, enter some text into the rich text editor and click "Add Note".
    • Note can be entered directly or copied and pasted from external sources such as websites or MS Word documents, with formatting preserved.

  • Map Principles Panel
    • Principles can be added from the drop-down box, with displayed principles taken from the hyperlinked document.
    • Add 2 principles to the map record.
    • Delete a principle by clicking the "x" icon on the desired note.

  • Flags Panel
    1. To flag a record for review, simply click the checkbox.
    2. The three currently supported flags are Consensus Review, Editorial Review, and Lead Review.

  • Feedback Panel
    1. Displays any communication between the user and anyone else involved in a discussion about this record.
    2. To submit new Feedback to one or more leads attached to the project, enter text and click "Send Feedback".

  • Record Summary Widget:  Displays a summary of the current state of the record as edited.
  • Show 'Finish', 'Clear', 'Cancel', 'Save/Next' and 'Save for later' buttons.  Click 'Save for later'
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