Resources for training.

Topics Covered

  • Configuring authentication
  • Adding users
  • Setting the admin role of a user
  • Assigning users a specialist or lead role on a project


  • General Training 004 Video (Requested to make version of the video that was anonymized ...)


Following is a script for the attached video.

  • Preamble
    • Welcome to the IHTSDO map tool video tutorials. This general training video covers configuring authentication, adding an admin user, and assigning specialist or lead project roles to a user.
  • Show (in Notepad) the configuration properties related to security and the default prod settings
  • Explain "activated" property
  • Open a browser and direct it to the landing page for the application
  • Log in as as "map_adm" user (explain that you need an admin user to create another admin user)
    • An initial admin user can be created using the "CreateMapAdministratorMojo" - described on the "Maintenance tools" page
  • Open the "Map Users" accordion of the "Application Administration" widget
  • Create a new "bca" user and assign it an ADMINISTRATOR role
    • NOTE: this user must exist already in the authentication environment
  • Log out and log back in as the "bca" user (to show that it is an ADMIN).
  • Navigate to "Project Details" page
  • Open the "Map Specialists" accordion.
  • Show current specialists
  • Show users not specialists on this project
  • Remove a specialist from the assigned list, find them in the unassigned list and re-assign them.
  • Show the "Map Leads" accordion and explain that it works the same way.
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