This page contains links to tours and videos for an application developer.

Tours and Videos

Following are the available trainings and the topics covered.

  • Developer Training 001
    • Obtaining and building the code
    • Prerequisites installed (do not show this)
    • Clone Github project
    • Build project at top level using mvn command line
  • Developer Training 002
    • Setting up the data
    • Clone Github data project (or obtain SNOMED from elsewhere)
    • Set up "data" and "config" directories
    • Unzip resources into data and config
    • Create a MySQL database
    • Edit the "load" script
    • Run the load script
  • Developer Training 003
    • Loading a database from within Eclipse using resources from 002
    • truncate_all.sql
    • Updatedb
    • Reindex
    • Load terminologies
    • Create map records
    • Load map notes
    • Compute workflow
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