Resources for training.

Topics Covered

  • QA Automations (database and workflow QA)
  • Wrapper script installation and use
  • Running auomated checks on demand
  • Wiring a cron job



Following is a script for the attached video.

Preparation: Open a command-line interface to mapping.ihtsdotools.org, ls ~/code/admin/mojo/src/main/java/org/ihtsdo/otf/mapping/mojo/Q*

Describe two types of QA currently performed on a daily basis:  Database, Workflow

  • Point out that legacy/other QA classes are no longer used, but retained for potential re-use later (FixInvalidTargets, MapGroups)
  • Workflow Checks:
    • Uses workflow handlers to validate current status of map records
  • Database Checks:
    • Queries are specified in the qa Maven project (mapping-admin/qa/pom.xml)
    • execute:  more ~/code/admin/qa/pom.xml, scroll down to queries
    • Checks for various conditions, e.g. map entries reference valid targets, map records reference valid concepts

 Running QA checks with wrapper script

  • As with all wrapper scripts, find them in ~/bin
  • cd ~/bin/, more qaCron.csh
  • Note the config properties to set (MAPPING_CODE, MAPPING_CONFIG, MAPPING_DATA)
  • Indicate the two checks, and note they will send email if they detect problems to send.notification.recipients in config file

Running QA checks on demand

  • Use the mojos QAWorkflow and QaDatabase
  • Workflow can be specified for individual projects
  • Database cannot

Wiring to cron job:

  • crontab:  program used to install, remove, or list the current cronjobs
  • Demonstrate crontab -l, crontab -e
  • Note MAILTO and column headers, direct to online documentation


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