Resources for training.

Topics Covered

  • Map records administration
  • Batch delete
  • Assign fix errors



Following is a script for the attached video.

  • Preamble
    • Welcome to the IHTSDO map tool video tutorials. This administrator training video covers the record administration functionality.
  • Open a browser and direct it to the landing page for the application
  • Log in as a administrator user (map_adm)
    • RESULT: the glass pane comes up for a bit and takes the user to the main dashboard for map_adm

  • Single Record Administration tab
  • Enter in a map record id (e.g. 476202).  Click 'Retrieve' button.
    • RESULT: map record is displayed with owner, last modified data, and workflow status
  • Edit Workflow Status - change status from 'EDITING_IN_PROGRESS' to 'EDITING_DONE'
  • Click 'Save' button.  Click 'OK' at confirmation dialog.
    • RESULT: workflow status is updated on record - can check on specialist dashboard that record has moved from 'Editing' list to 'Finished' list
  • Click 'Delete' button. Click 'Cancel' at confirmation dialog.
  • Click 'Create QA Record' with same mapRecordId.


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