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Topics Covered

  • Creating and editing QA checks
  • Describe the fields
  • Use of the "test" button and failure modes
  • Generating a newly defined QA check (as a lead)



Following is a script for the attached video.

Open a browser and direct it to the landing page for the application

  • Prerequisite : Copy one of the qa check definitions to notepad.  Ensure that this qa check definition will produce some results given the tour dataset. Delete the qa check definition.
  • Preamble
    • Welcome to the IHTSDO map tool video tutorials. This administrator training video covers creating and editing qa check definitions.  It also covers generating a qa check based on those qa check definitions.
  • Log in as an administrator user (map_adm)
    • RESULT: the glass pane comes up for a bit and takes the user to the main dashboard for map_adm

  • Open the QA Check Definitions accordion.
  • Explain the various fields:
    • Name: of the qa check definition
    • Role Required: Privilege level required to generate and access this report
    • Result Type: Concepts or Map Records
    • Query Type:  SQL, HQL or LUCENE
    • Query: query in expected format
    • Description: plain language description of the query functionality
  • Create a new QA Check Definition with an invalid query.  Use the deleted query without the itemName, itemId and ct fields.  Click the 'Test' button.
    • RESULT: error message will display
  • Revise to create a valid New QA Check Definition by adding the itemName, itemId and ct fields.  Click the 'Test' button.  Click 'Submit' button.
    • RESULT: new qa check definition will immediately be displayed in the table of qa check definitions.
  • Edit the role required for the new qa check definition. Click the 'OK' button.
  • Delete the new qa check definition by clicking on the 'X' button.  Click 'Cancel' on the confirmation dialog.
  • Log-out as map_adm
  • Log-in as a lead user
  • Scroll down to QA Checks widget
  • Confirm that qa check definition was added to pick-list
  • Generate qa check
  • Log-out


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