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Release Notes - Member Licensing Distribution Service - Version 2.0

New Features

  • IHTSDO and Member staff now receive a notification when there is a new application by an affiliate. This is entered by going to the Member Management page and then selecting 'Edit Staff Notifications'. You can enter one email address, but if you would like to use a mailing list for multiple recipients, please get in contact with and one can be created for you.
  • Each 'space' (IHTSDO, Members) now has the the ability to provide announcements and/or news items to any affiliate who has applied and been approved for that particular space. The affiliate will receive each of the announcements by email when they are published.

  • When uploading a new release, you can now select whether notifications should be sent or not. This is done through a dialog box asking the question of whether notification to the relevant affiliates should be sent out (or not) when a release file is taken online.
  • There is now a REST API which provides a simple way for SNOMED CT vendors to check if an affiliate is registered and licensed to use SNOMED CT. Documentation can be found on the MLDS REST API Documentation page.
  • There is now a set of REST APIs to retrieve releases, in order to allow system to system integration where authorised. Details of these services can be found on the MLDS Release Packages API page.
  • Members are now able to log in with a provided username and password to download IHTSDO releases instead of having to go to Collabnet (or the new platform). Existing staff can now download IHTSDO releases through the IHTSDO Release page in the admin section.


  • Staff now have the ability to delete an affiliate who has been in an applying state without any change for a long period of time.
  • In order to reduce confusion, affiliates in an 'Applying' state are no longer shown in the default view of Affiliate Management
  • Release packages can now be sorted to stop the previous sorting which was purely based upon release date. Members can also ensure that their own extensions are viewed above the International releases if they wish.


  • [MLDS-910] - Request password reset process needs to be translatable.
  • [MLDS-919] - Need to refresh pages in staff view - cookie/session issues


Bug Tickets

  • MLDS-910 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
  • MLDS-919 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • MLDS-920 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
  • MLDS-927 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
  • MLDS-928 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
  • MLDS-935 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

New Feature

  • MLDS-860 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
  • MLDS-916 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
  • MLDS-917 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • MLDS-918 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
  • MLDS-926 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
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