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April 25th, 2017

Location: Amba Hotel, Charing Cross, The Strand, London, WC2N 5HX

Room: Canterbury

17:15 - 19:15 GMT (16:15 – 18:15 UTC)


  • Planning for clinical engagement and collaborative efforts of this group to advise re. content development and improvement. 

Discussion items

  1. Welcome and Apologies
  2. Review of agenda

KFA welcomed all;

No changes to the agenda were requested.

2Conflicts of interestChairNone declared 

Approval of minutes of last meeting

ChairApproved with no changes. 

IHTSDO updates:

  1. Content
  2. Collaboration

MHA: General update about release status and tooling.

JMI: Provided a slide presentation followed by Q and A session.

Jorn - Is there a feedback loop as dentistry for example is not of a high standard; JMI responded that we cannot influence WHO but anything reviewed and rejected by the IHTSDO community will not go into SNOMED CT.


Report from the Professional SIGs

  1. Nursing
  2. Dentistry
  3. Anesthesia
  4. IPaLM
  5. GP/FP
SIG chairs
  1. Nursing - ZWM: Work progressing on Nursing refset; Would like to add VCG for Care Plans
  2. Anesthesia - ANO: Provided an update and slide on content discussed. Adverse outcomes AQI; review of existing content in SNOMED CT to identify gaps.
  3. Dentistry - MJU: Provided an update of SIG activities.
  4. IPaLM - SCA: International interest UK, CAP (USA), Australia and New Zealand. UNMC - NE Lexicon observables for colon and breast ca. Molecular pathology modeled and going into pilot production at UNMC.
  5. GP/FP - deferred as no member present.


 6Engaging with global clinical communities – update and future directionIGRDeferred due to lengthy discussion about the direction of the VCGs. 
7Update on genomicsIGR  
Review of the work of the HPCG and recommendations from the group for future clinical engagement activities



Extensive discussion about the dissolution of the SIGs. VCGs seen as a risk to credibility of the meetings akin to a chat room.

The new proposed CCG could be seen as undemocratic with no representation from the volunteer effort; pursuing a managerial agenda rather than member agenda.

Practical issues include potential for lack of professional recognition by e.g. professional colleges and other prof. clinical orgs.

Need formality to justify time away from professional commitments.

The HPCG feel that they need more recognition for the contribution to the organisation in order to obtain funding to participate and attend meetings.

The other concern is that there has to be focus on other than content projects.

SLI: responded to say that this model was based on Canada Health Infoway model;

IGR: The issue is not to change the current direction but rather to ensure that details are included in the process.

IGR will address these concerns in particular formal structures.

Action Item - request all members in attendance here to please provide an email to Ian Green with a couple of bullet points about the value of the SIGs and the contribution of this group. This is to reflect the value of the two way stream i.e. value both as participants on the receiving end of the process and and as contributors to the organisation.

Zac Whitewood-MooresJorn Andre JorgensenScott CampbellAndrew MarchantAndrew NortonKathy FarndonRoberta SeverinMark Jurkovich

9Any other businessALLNone 
10Meeting adjournedChair19:35 UK time. 


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