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SNOMED CT Expo 2022 ePosters:

202264 Development of a Pan-Canadian value set for primary care data collection – Mapping to ICD-10-CA, and ICD-9
Alana Lane (CA)

202206 Normalization of Spain primary care databases using SNOMED CT terminology. AEMPS' BIFAP use case
Hermenegildo Martínez Alcalá García (ES)

202207 UNICOM improving semantic interoperability: using ISO IDMP and SNOMED CT to represent medicinal products
Anderson Carmo (PT)

202252 Mapping of German language free text laboratory results to SNOMED CT
Andrea Riedel (DE)

202242 Mapping local reimbursement codes to SNOMED CT: Challenges and proposed solutions
Barbara Silverman (IL)

202237 Integration points to facilitate SNOMED CT drug extension integration
Dion McMurtrie (AU)

202253 Report on implementing and extending the SNOMED CT Diagramming Guideline using Graphviz
Edward Cheetham (UK)

202263 Leveraging biomedical texts in Spanish for drug repurposing, interaction and discovery: normalization of pharmacological substances and chemical compounds to SNOMED CT
Eulalia Farre-Maduell (ES)

202233 Integration between haemodialysis machines from different manufacturers and an electronic medical record through a SNOMED CT value set
Francisco Jose Rodriguez-Alcazar (ES)

202211 Using SNOMED CT to map clinical terms found on social networks
Nicolas Passadore (AR)

202215 Acute pain assessments and records:a pilot study of digital transformation
Sadie Lanes/Luke Roberts (UK)

202224 X-eHealth project propose the use of SNOMED CT as a candidate terminology to exchange electronic health records for laboratory results
Sergio Dinis (PT)

202276 Textbook about the “Reference Terminology SNOMED CT” (in German language)
Cora Drenkhahn/Josef Ingenerf (DE)

202280 Evolution of SNOMED CT Reference Set in Improving Report
Zulhairi Mohamad (MY)

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