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SNOMED CT Expo 2020 E-Posters:

Analyzing microbiology In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) data using the OMOP Common Data Model and SNOMED CT® encoding (202054) - Xavier Gansel (FR)

Collaborative Community Development to improve Data Quality in Primary Care (202051) - Robyn Richards (AU)

Creating maps between a clinical terminology (SNOMED CT®) and a national intervention classification (CCI): A Feasibility Study (202049) - Alana Lane (CA)

Development of Clinical Information Models (CIM) to standardise clinical documentation in cancer care (202046) - Keng Ling Wallin (SE)

Development of Primary Diagnosis Selection Model by SNOMED-CT Mapping of Clinical Terms -Relative to urology surgery patients (202055) - Kyung Lan Hong (KR)

Emerging techniques for aggregating SNOMED CT encoded patient data (202043) - Ming Zhang (AU)

How well does the Global Patient Set cover the terms needed in an International Patient Summary? (202041) - Cori Thompson (CA)

LOINC answers’ references to SNOMED CT concepts: Analysis of result values for non-numeric laboratory results in the LOINC standard (202037) - Vojtech Huser (US)

Preparing New Medical Coders for SNOMED-CT in the Industry: An Implementation Proposal for Learning Path Creation and Training Enhancement (202028) - Victoria Obress (CA)

SNOMED CT mapping to ICD-10-CA/ ICD-09 (202019) - Bill Clifford (CA)

SNOMED CT national extension of medicines (202018) - Jorge Rangil (ES)

Terminological observatory in times of COVID-19 pandemic (202012) - Rosalia Fernandez Vazquez (ES)

The Cross-Validation of Samsung Medical Center's Clinical terminology to KCD-7 and SNOMED to ICD-10 Mappings (202011) - Jinyoung Kim (KR)

The use of HES data on Procedures and Interventions, cross mapped to SNOMED, to generate subsets of frequently used SNOMED terms to support data entry by clinicians (202009) - Graham Ponting (UK)

Transitioning from Text-Based to Code-Based NLP Rules using SNOMED CT for Data Normalization and Standardization (202008) - Michael Denton (US)

Using SNOMED CT Language sets to create structured radiological reports that can be read in multiple languages (202004) - Pawel Paczuski (PO)

Using a FHIR Terminology Server to Distribute SNOMED CT Concepts to Enable Structured Data Entry to be Recorded in a Single Digital Health and Care Record for Wales (202005) - Tracey Francis (UK)

Validation and simplification of Expression Constraints (202001) - Vicente Gimenez (ES)

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