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Dr Christopher K.C. Lee earned his medical degree from University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur in 1985. He trained in Infectious Diseases at the Regional Infections Diseases Unit at City Hospital, Edinburgh, Scotland in 1993 – 1994. He currently serves as the Deputy Director General for Research & Technical Support of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. He is a consultant physician in Infectious Diseases and is the key opinion leader in the field of HIV infection. He is the National Advisor for Infectious Diseases in the MOH for the last 15 years. Besides his focus in HIV/AIDS treatment, he has been particularly involved in efforts to address antimicrobial resistance in the country and the main coordinator for the National Antimicrobial Resistance Committee. He is also the chairman of the Infectious Diseases Fellowship Training Program (MOH).Datuk Dr. Christopher Lee lead a team of infectious disease specialists in research and has many publications particularly in HIV treatment. He has been the Editor for the National Antimicrobial Guidelines for the last 10 years and editorial board member of a few International peer review journals.

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