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This profile contains LOINC bindings. SNOMED CT users might want to use SNOMED CT codes in addition to the LOINC codes, i.e. having two code.codings.


The table below is copied from the profile page above.

In the first round generic SNOMED CT concept have been selected but likely there may be (or should be) more specific SNOMED CT Observables. Some of these concepts have been fully defined using the (not so anymore) new Observables model whereas others are primitive. It is suggested that the not-yet-modeled concepts be modeled similar to what was done for resp. rate, heart rate, body temp., and blood pressure.

Profile Name"Magic Value" (LOINC)LOINC Name and CommentsSNOMED CT conceptECLSNOMED CT commentUCUM Unit CodeExamples
Vital Signs Panel85353-1Vital signs, weight, height, head circumference, oxygen saturation and BMI panel - It represent a panel of vital signs listed in this table. All members of the panel are optional and note that querying for the panel may miss individual results that are not part of the actual panel. When used, Observation.valueQuantity is not present; instead, related links (with type=has-member) reference the vital signs observations (e.g. respiratory rate, heart rate, BP, etc.). This code replaces the deprecated code 8716-3 - Vital signs which is used in the Argonaut Data Query Implementation Guide.-

-Vital Signs Panel Example
Respiratory Rate9279-1Respiratory Rate86290005 | Respiratory rate (observable entity) |<< 86290005 | Respiratory rate (observable entity) |
/minRespiratory Rate Example
Heart rate8867-4Heart rate - To supplement this vital sign observation, 8887-2 - Heart rate device type MAY be used as an additional observation.78564009 | Heart rate measured at systemic artery (observable entity) |(<< 364075005 | Heart rate (observable entity) | MINUS 428420003 | Target heart rate (observable entity) |)
/minHeart Rate Example
Oxygen saturation59408-5Oxygen saturation in Arterial blood by Pulse oximetry - This code replaces the deprecated code 2710-2 - Deprecated Oxygen saturation in Capillary blood by Oximetry which had been listed in C-CDA.431314004 | Peripheral oxygen saturation (observable entity) |<< 431314004 | Peripheral oxygen saturation (observable entity) |Pulse oximetry technique should be added to concept??%Oxygen Saturation Example
Body temperature8310-5Body temperature - To supplement this vital sign observation, 8327-9 - Body temperature measurement site (oral, forehead, rectal, etc.) and 8326-1 -Type of body temperature device MAY be used as additional observations276885007 | Core body temperature (observable entity) |<< 276885007 | Core body temperature (observable entity) | There are specific concepts subsumed corresponding to the measurement site.Cel, [degF]Body Temperature Example
Body height8302-2Body height248334005 | Length of body (observable entity) |<<248334005 | Length of body (observable entity) |Hierarchy needs, [in_i]Body height Example
Head circumference9843-4Head Occipital-frontal circumference363812007 | Head circumference (observable entity) |(<< 363812007 | Head circumference (observable entity) | MINUS << 248397001 | Head circumference centile (observable entity) |)Fishy descendantscm, [in_i]Head Circumference Example
Body weight29463-7Body weight - To supplement this vital sign observation, 8352-7 - Clothing worn during measure and 8361-8 - Body position with respect to gravity MAY be used as additional observations.27113001 | Body weight (observable entity) |(<< 27113001 | Body weight (observable entity) | MINUS (<< 248350002 | Reference weight (observable entity) | OR << 301334000 | Birth weight centile (observable entity) |))There are specific clothing related observables subsumed by this SNOMED CT concept. Hierarchy needs clean-up,g, kg,[lb_av]Body Weight Example
Body mass index39156-5Body mass index (BMI) [Ratio]60621009 | Body mass index (observable entity) |60621009 | Body mass index (observable entity) |Hierarchy needs Mass Example
Blood pressure systolic and diastolic85354-9Blood pressure panel with all children optional - This is a component observation. It has no value in Observation.valueQuantity and contains at least one component (systolic and/or diastolic). To supplement this vital sign observation, 8478-0 - Mean blood pressure, 8357-6 - Blood pressure method, 41904-4 - Blood pressure measurement site, 8358-4 - Blood pressure device cuff size, 41901-0 - Type of blood pressure device MAY be used as additional observations.

-Blood Pressure ExampleBlood Pressure Example with missing Diastolic measurement
Systolic blood pressure8480-6Systolic blood pressure - Observation.component code for a blood pressure Observation271649006 | Systolic blood pressure (<< 271649006 | Systolic blood pressure (observable entity) | MINUS (<< 314464000 | 24 hour systolic blood pressure (observable entity) | OR << 716579001 | Baseline systolic blood pressure (observable entity) | OR << 315612005 | Target systolic blood pressure (observable entity) |))Hierarchy needs clean-up and/or[Hg]Blood Pressure Example
Diastolic blood pressure8462-4Diastolic blood pressure - Observation.component code for a blood pressure Observation

271650006 | Diastolic blood pressure (observable entity) |

(<< 271650006 | Diastolic blood pressure (observable entity) | MINUS (<< 314465004 | 24 hour diastolic blood pressure (observable entity) | OR << 716632005 | Baseline diastolic blood pressure (observable entity) | OR << 315613000 | Target diastolic blood pressure (observable entity) |))Missing DAP (inactivated in 2006). Hierarchy needs clean-up and/or[Hg]Blood Pressure Example
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  1. Superb.. any one can easily understand it..

  2. Blood pressure observations in the clinical context of vital signs do not include blood pressures in the pulmonary circulation. Accordingly, the equivalent Snomed CT concepts must be <<364090009 |Systemic arterial pressure (observable entity)|. Currently, systemic systolic or diastolic arterial pressures are not part of SCT international edition. They can, though,  be found as a pre-coordinated concept in the Norwegian extension.