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Suggestion that effectiveTime be added as a SNOMED specific property in the specification, raised by Peter Jordan in

The effective time of the concept (as represented in the concept file) does not necessarily capture when it came into its current state since relationships (inferred or stated) could change independently. Arguably we should use the most recent change to any of concept, relationships, descriptions. And what would we expect to happen in the case of filtering. ML: Ontoserver uses the date in the concept file because it's not possible to know what the enquirer's use case is.

Update 14 July: Recommendation of this group is that that item is added as a SNOMED specific property. Use case: In general, all properties should be filter-able. More specifically users may be interested to know which concepts were created (not perfect) or retired in the current release.

8 Sept: Ticket currently in status "Triaged".    ML would like clarity on the user of code vs coding.

10 Oct:  Status unchanged.   Discussion on priorities in general.  RH to push forward for discussion. 

Flag Peter Jordanand Rob Hausamto progress FHIR-26555

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