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108252007|Laboratory procedure
387713003|Surgical procedure

Add "Opinion" ? Also "Rehabilitation" ?

What current types of referrals exist? Jeremy Rogers to provide.

code< 71388002 |Procedure (procedure)|Some confusion here about the fact that a request for a procedure is a referral. However, we also have referral concepts within procedures (although Jeremy pointed out that it is possible to have one party (eg optometrist) request that another party (eg GP) make a referral).
The example here gives further detail to the service being requested. However, it is already possible to be as specific a SNOMED allows via the "code" element above. The use of this field when working with SNOMED CT concepts is not clear.

<125676002 (Person)
<223366009 (Healthcare professional)
<394730007 (Healthcare related organisation)


< 404684003 |Clinical finding (finding)|

OR < 71388002 |Procedure (procedure)|

bodySite< 442083009 |Anatomical or acquired body structure (body structure)|

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  1. From Andrew Perry top 10 requested (via Read Codes):

    Referral letter (3 million / 30 million patients / year)
    Referral for further care
    Refer to physiotherapist
    Orthopaedic referral
    ENT referral
    Dermatological referral
    Ophthalmological referral
    Refer for ultrasound investign
    Gynaecological referral
    Refer for X-Ray
    Gastroenterological referral
    Referred to urologist
    Cardiological referral
    Referral to paediatrician
    Referral to musculoskeletal clinic
    Referral to smoking cessation advisor