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Note archived from: 2020-11-03 - SNOMED on FHIR Meeting (TS)

VSD - ValueSet Compliance discussion (targeting a profile), notion of code system partitions which seems to come from SNOMED having modules and this being seen as possibly useful. Could be expressed as Code System Fragments. ML "GPS is a good example of a useful SNOMED fragment / partition". Difficulties:

  • SNOMED is quite strict about module dependencies which would probably need to be represented if we wanted to split any given code system into 'partitions' .
  • In SNOMED modules we can describe things other than concepts - eg descriptions in one module and alternative modeling in another.
  • What version would I give for a fragment?
  • Modules are capable of inactivating components!

Modules exist for a small number of reasons: 1. To allow content to be developed by multiple parties, both in terms of decoupling and identifying ownership and 2. To keep SNOMED 'light' so that implementers only consider the modules that they need to. ML suggests not to equate a partition with a module.

11 August Reviewed our previous answer. A "partition" and a fragment are the same thing. The content of a a SNOMED module may correspond to a fragment, but not all fragments of SNOMED are modules. Fragments should have the same version as the entire code system.

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